The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

Anyone who says you can’t buy happiness has forgotten about puppies!

-Wilfred Lampton

One key to dealing with depression is by focusing on the positive. I have a tendency to think too much about all the bad stuff happening in the world. I have to make a conscious decision each day to spend a little time reading inspirational literature and cultivating a more upbeat attitude. I call it planting my “Joy Garden.”

So here are some positive websites so you can plant some seeds for your “Joy Garden”: is an interactive website to help you identify ways to increase your personal happiness. The focus is on designing your own “happiness project” using the tools they provide. You can print uplifting posters such as “Happiness Paradoxes” and downloadable information on how to start a happiness support group of your own. is a similar website that has uplifting articles and also information on finding or founding a Happiness Club in your area. offers articles on the latest research on what makes people happy along with practical exercises.

For a spiritual lift try . Beliefnet is perhaps the biggest religious site on the web that offers blogs on just about any faith you can think of, so it is worth exploring. offers a selection of uplifting stories and spiritual lessons by those who are dealing with bipolar disorder.

Anybody else have a good inspirational website? Please let me know!

Happy Planting!