Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper - TTdesign

Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper – TTdesign (Photo credit: tomt6788)

I found that the nature of life is joyful, that deep within the core of each one of us is the joy that indeed surpasses understanding. This is a joy beyond polarity—a joy that includes sorrow, a hope that embraces despair.

Dorothy Maclean

In the tapestry of our lives there is a poetic theme. Often it is hard to see the beauty behind the pain. For many of us life has often been in a state of constant upheaval due to our illness. It is hard to see a sense of order or the Divine in it. Yet the Universe is designed to bring beauty out of chaos. Everything you see around you was once in a chaotic state. From the birth of a new star to the birth of a new baby there is pain and suffering and beauty. We must trust that there is an implicit order in our lives that belies our surface difficulties, a purpose to our sufferings. Are we simply a victim of the random genetic influences that brought on our bipolar disorder or is there something deeper going on here? Perhaps we choose our life challenges before we come onto this planet in order to bring out the beauty that is in our souls. A sense of compassion may be born out of our trials, a desire to help others. We may find our lives redirected into new areas, perhaps leaving a dead end job for something that engages our minds and hearts. We may gain a sense of the spiritual sense of things beyond the material.

If you doubt that there is beauty and purpose in life let me ask you this: What is the purpose of a flower? Does it have bright colors and a wonderful scent just to attract the bee? Or is it beautiful in it’s own right? We are the only creatures on this planet who are capable of perceiving beauty. Beauty and joy are the essence of the Universe! We are co-creators in this pageantry of life, creating beauty out of pain.

Affirmation: I take my pain and sorrow and ask the Divine to spread it’s light over and through it and transform it into something beautiful. I ask to be shown how to use my suffering to benefit others.