Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder (Photo credit: SheriW1223)

In the midst of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

Albert Camu

For those of us who experience the terrible mood swings of bipolar disorder, the idea of experiencing normal human emotion seems almost laughable. How do we know what “real” happiness is when the ecstasy of mania turns just as easily to despondency? How do we find that center of being within us to weather the storms of our unpredictable emotional life?

There is that point of being within all of us that the mystics call “I Am.” Simply put, this is the part of us that has never lost touch with the sublime, our “God-Center.” This is our “Higher-Self“, our ” Buddha nature” or “Christ-consciousness.” It is the part of ourselves that simply sits back and observes the storms of life, judging them as neither good nor bad, right or wrong. It is the part that accepts the cyclical nature of life, the pendulum moving back and forth. And it is the part that sees through the essential “maya” or illusion of our experiences.

By learning to see through this center of being we can learn to accept our mood swings as the unreality that they are. Does this mean we have to roll over and allow ourselves to be tormented? Of course not. Medication is essential, so is therapy, and a strong base of social support. But for many of us we still experience mood swings, though hopefully not as bad as before treatment. This is where a strong spiritual base is important, a belief in a Higher Reality that can carry us through the “maya” of our ups and downs. What is that higher reality? All the major religions agree that it is love. By that realization we can find that “invincible summer” within us.