Diamond Dewdrop -- Jan 8, 2011

Diamond Dewdrop — Jan 8, 2011 (Photo credit: Ray_from_LA)

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.

Henry Ward Beecher

Being happy does not always depend on getting what we want, but appreciating what we have. Do this exercise in appreciation: Go outside in the early morning and start noticing the splendor around you. Notice the golden softness of the sun’s rays (photographers call this “sweet light”).  Notice how this light illuminates the trees, leaving little halos around the leaves. Notice the dewdrops shining like pearly diamonds on the grass. Inhale deeply of the fresh, cool air. Notice everything around you. Are there flowers? Take in the color, the fragrance, and the waxy texture of the petals. Realize that all these things are miracles, reflecting the glory of God. Now ponder that we too are miracles, made in the image of God. We are literally made of God-stuff, the stuff of the Universe. And you too can shine with the radiance of all that is around you.

Spend the day in prayerful meditation, noticing everything around you, realizing that everything we take for granted is a miracle.