On the Threshold of Eternity

On the Threshold of Eternity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think my biggest pet peeve with those who don’t have bipolar disorder is how they judge me based on their assumptions of the motives behind my behavior.  I am not talking about the average person off  the street, rather it often comes from people who ought to know better: so-called friends and family. All I can say is how can they claim they know all about me when they don’t take the time to listen?

So I have a list here of some the insensitive comments that have been made to me in regards to my depressive disorder and my response to them:

1.  You use your illness to manipulate me.

Trust me, the last thing that is on my mind is manipulating you. My energy is focused solely on trying to cope with my symptoms. If I hurt you along the way, I am sorry. As I learn better ways of coping I can learn to control my outbursts. However I do not appreciate the assumption that you have a clue about my motives or about my pain.

2.  You tried to kill yourself to get back at me.

Why on earth would I do such a thing?  Give up my life based on a temporary grievance?  Isn’t it more logical to assume that I was out of my mind at the time?

3. You just want attention. I should just ignore you.

If it makes you comfortable to believe this go right ahead and dismiss all the pain I have gone through. Apparently you believe that numerous suicide attempts and hospitalizations were just a game to me. Go figure.

4. You are just making excuses (in regards to my choice of taking medication).

So you want to make my illness into a moral issue? Thanks for the support!

5. You are making up your problems (both mental and physical) so you don’t have to work.

Yeah I really enjoy living at poverty level , being homebound, and not having a fulfilling career.


The sad thing is that when people like this insist on defining my character by my mental disorder, then they are missing out on the person I really am. I am a smart, creative, caring and loyal person. And the people who do really know me think I am worth knowing.