Deutsch: Phrenologie

Deutsch: Phrenologie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been reading about Jungian psychology and I was thinking about the fact that there is nothing inherently evil or bad in the psyche because everything you will find there can be transformed by the Light once it is made conscious. This fits in with my belief that there is no “original sin”. Evil simply does not exist unless we let our unconscious drives take over. Light and darkness cannot co-exist.

For instance, we see anger manifested as violence (physical and/or emotional) and we think how terrible anger is. So we repress it deep into the unconscious because we believe that it is “bad”. Then something triggers it and we react (as opposed to act) exactly in the same way that we abhor, with verbal and/or physical violence. Why? Because we refuse to acknowledge the power of the subconscious mind and therefore it simply takes over, creating havoc in our personal lives. We blame others for our outbursts, but in fact the cause is within our own unconscious psyche.

My point here is that once you’ve acknowledged your anger, and take a look at where it comes from, changes start to happen. You are now able to bring up unconscious material and expose it to the light. But acknowledging your anger and looking at it are only the first steps. Honest self-examination is crucial to the process. So what I am trying to say is that anger can be transformed into something positive, if we acknowledge and accept it as it is. What was a previously negative manifestation can turn into something positive, like learning to be more in touch with your needs and being assertive with others. It can also point to old wounds that need to be healed. In my case, much of my anger has to do with the past being projected onto the present. I have to differentiate between what is going on right now as opposed to what happened in the past. For instance, I know that my anger about feeling like others are putting me down (whether they are or not) comes from my childhood. I am only just coming to grips with that. My automatic (unconscious) reaction to someone being angry with me (or even just disagreeing with me) is that they hate me. Now that I am aware of my false projections, I can work out a more rational and spiritual attitude.

This process of shedding light on my anger has transformed it from something negative to a tool that helps further my emotional and spiritual growth. I still have much more work to do, but at least I have begun. Nowadays, when I get angry my reaction is more likely to be (but not always, still learning), “What’s going on with me?”, rather than “What is wrong with him?”

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