When I had my dog spayed she had to wear a special collar, in the shape of a funnel, to keep her from licking and chewing at her stitches. I can only imagine what torture that must have been for her. It itched, it burned and most of all, it hurt! But the only way the wound would heal was if she left it alone. Sometimes we are that way about our past resentments, failures, and losses. We continually go over the past, wondering how we could have changed the outcome. We torture ourselves for not having seen the correct path right before us. We look for someone to blame for our troubles. Or we blame ourselves for circumstances outside of our control. We spend so much time going over the past that we miss opportunities in the present. While a certain amount of introspection is healthy, punishing ourselves for the past only keeps our wounds alive and fresh. Sometimes the best we can do is just stitch up our wounds and then leave them alone, trusting that they will heal with Spirit’s help.

Ask yourself: Am I spending too much time in the past?