New Testament Window

New Testament Window (Photo credit: Henry McLin)


We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

– Gandhi-

After writing my lovely speech about how we should have compassion for those who choose a path of hatred and intolerance you would think I would have followed my own advice. But I didn’t. I got sucked into the same old drama again.

After staying away from a website that has some very radical members for over three weeks I got curious to see what they were saying. I was run off before by a woman spreading lies about me, calling me a muslim out to destroy America and kill Christians. Frankly I think she is mentally disturbed because I have made it clear that I don’t agree with radical agendas of hate from ANY RELIGION. For instance I had a very passionate debate with a man who wanted to institute “God’s Perfect Law” which requires the death penalty for adulterers, heretics, homosexuals, disobedient children, people of other faiths, and pretty much anyone else he deemed unfit to live. If you think that was coming from a muslim, you are wrong. He was talking about the laws of the Old Testament Bible. When I called him on this I told him that he sounded like he was talking about Sharia Law, the ideology of radical muslims and asked how he could consider them evil if he was advocating the same thing. He of course told me to take it up with God, not him, which is a convenient cop-out for haters. Long story short, I painted him into a corner by pointing out that the New Testament specifically talks against the death penalty and talks about love and mercy. He then told me I wasn’t qualified to interpret the bible and refused to talk anymore.

Full of myself after this victory I found myself blindsided from someone else who accused me of being a muslim secretly plotting with evangelical Christians and the democrats (who are all muslims of course) to have the muslims take over our country and kill all Christians. WHAT???

You would think that most people would dismiss her ideas as completely illogical. The scary thing is that some people actually believe her. Anyway I traded quite a few insults with her but finally ended up leaving in frustration.

I pride myself on being a rational person and yet I went back for more after being away for more than three weeks. I wanted to see what these people were up to.  What is that story again about cats and curiosity?

Like a fool I started a conversion with someone. It had nothing to do with the muslims or with this lady but she pounced on me sounding the “Muslim Alert” for any unwary souls who would fall into my evil plot take over the world.

Since her message was much louder than my message of love and peace I was attacked from all sides. There was not much I could do except to report her for the second time to the webmaster and leave. But first I was going to really let her have it!

So I started a post calling her the most evil person I have ever known and how dare she spread lies about me. Only my computer wouldn’t let me. There seems to be a problem between my browser and their website that causes a lot of freezing up. Or maybe it is the Universe telling me to shut the hell up?

After struggling for more than a half an hour to compose my self-righteous “last word” speech I gave up and got the message God was trying to give me.

This isn’t about you and your stupid pride. This is about living what you say you believe.

Remember when I said  “Father forgive them for they know not what they do?”

Um, yeah.

And pray for those who persecute you?

Aw, really do I have to do that? She really is an awful person.

Look who is talking. She hates you. You hate her. What is the difference between the two of you?

Well I stand for love and mercy and tolerance and…


Well she is obviously wrong and evil and victimizes others.

Wrong, yes. Evil, no. She is scared of all the evil in the world and the only way she knows how to deal with it is to be suspicious and lash out at others that she sees as a threat. I don’t suppose you have ever made that mistake?

Well, yes I have.

And do you expect others to forgive you for that?

Well, yeah. But she and others like her need to be stopped because they hurt people.

Do you think you can change her heart by hurting her as badly as she hurts others?  Doesn’t that just give her the message that you are exactly the threat she believes you to be?

I guess. But someone needs to speak out.

Speak out, but with love. If she doesn’t listen leave her alone. It isn’t for you to change her heart. That is up to me.


One of the hardest lessons for me to learn is that my motives are often a mixture of both good and bad. I see something wrong and I say something about it. That is good. But if I use the opportunity to feel self-righteous and “better” than others to feed my ego, then I am acting just as hatefully as they are. I bash them for bashing others. My behavior has been less than exemplary on these forums, because of my frustration about the injustices in the world and feeling powerless to change them. But it isn’t in my power to change anyone. I have to leave that to a Higher Power.

Peace 😉