This is a very eloquent exploration of suffering and faith.

The Discerning Christian

I wrote this essay for my philosophy of religion class in the spring of last year. In reflecting on the intense suffering of a relative, I want to make this public. It is by no means an airtight account of suffering and evil. This is a piece meant for reflection, not for careful analysis, that in reflection you might glean at least something true. In the absence of justice, mourn and be frustrated.


Justice comes across the works of Fate, having decimated a seaside village in the aftermath of a tsunami. Appalled at the devastation, Justice seeks the one responsible for the deaths of the villagers. Her search begins at the scene of the atrocity, where Fate lingers and engages him in discussion.

Justice: This is a travesty! What sort of horrendous evil has murdered these innocents?

Fate: What murder do you speak of?

Justice: Do you not see…

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