This story holds a lot of wisdom..stay tuned for the surprise ending!

Follow Me Films


A Woman was suffering guilt, shame, and regret from the sins she committed before she started recovery. The self-loathing, and the negative self-talk were taking over her days, leading her to a toxic place where her physical health was deteriorating. Several Doctors found nothing wrong with her physically, but an astute healer told her about a Monk who lived in a Cave in South America known for leading people towards enlightenment and serenity with unfathomable success. Having tried everything else, the woman felt if there was even a chance, she was going to go find him and see what he could do. She desperately tracked him down, and trekked up the mountain to his cliff side monastery.

Upon Arriving, she was asked to check all of her worldly belonging, and led to a damp, dark cave with a single bamboo mattress and a candle. She was told to clear her…

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