Very good thoughts on verbal abuse..

Dancing With Fireflies | Live Beyond Your Diagnosis


When the attacks start you try to tell yourself lies, something to make it feel better. ” They are only words, I know it’s not true.” But you hate yourself for taking it, wish you could say something that would make the words stop.  There’s nothing you can say, everything you try just makes it worse. When you fight back, it just gets uglier. You can’t walk away, the words will follow you. You can’t scream back, things will escalate and it will get violent.

You should be used to it, right? I mean it’s always been like this. Tomorrow it will be totally different and everything can go back to nice if you can just behave now. She loves me and I am all she has.

” I hate the way I look.  I am such a fat ass. ” Now we start telling ourselves these lies, these stones of…

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