A delightful and humorous essay on Truth…


truthismilkImagine a fat glass of milk, floating in space.

Now, imagine the glass part is not there.  You are looking at a well made entirely of milk, sitting in the middle of the cosmos.

No matter where you are on Earth, you can look up and see this well of milk.  If you climb a tall enough mountain, or board a small enough plane, you can approach the milk– you can touch it, smell it, or even take some.

No matter how much people take, the well of milk remains.

That milk is truth.

Some people go on with their lives, never looking up, never wondering what it is, or what it means to them.

Others dedicate their life to understanding its essence.

Some people reach into the well with their bare hands, dripping milk between their fingers, desperate to understand it in the fleeting moments before it slips between…

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