I wrote this poem in the year 2000 when I went through my worst suicidal depression I ever experienced. I have been reluctant to share this with people because it is such a dark poem. However it does have a positive message. It is about waiting out the storm. At the time I wrote it, I really thought my life was over.  I just wanted to die. But on some level I think my sub-conscious was trying to tell me something.  I wasn’t planning on writing what I wrote, it just flowed from me.  My waiting paid off, since I do not feel this way now. So please take this as an encouraging and life-affirming poem.


Night Song

By Mary Rogers


Etches into my soul

Sears my heart

Echoing in its bloodless interior

I am waiting

Silence greets silence

As the hours go by

Darkness seeps into an airless room

And seals it as if it were a coffin

I am waiting

My ears hear sounds

Unknown to man or gods

And , oh God!

I wish I understood

The secret language of the cosmos

I am waiting

I am set adrift

On this dark sea

With not even the moon

Or the stars for light

I will wait, and wait patiently still