Even if you don’t believe in Tarot this is an excellent article on turning every act and every mood into a holy thing which benefits everyone.

Quiet Mystic (previously Tarot Salve)

The Magician--Rider-Waite tarotMy yoga teacher, Theresa Reed, always begins her classes by advising us to set our own intention for the class. But only recently did I begin to realize the true power of setting an intention. Setting your intention is a tool that can ground you, put events in your life into a larger perspective, and cause your mood for the day, if it was negative to begin with, to do a 180 degree turnaround immediately.

How can that be so?

Setting your intention works almost like magic — so here, to help you to think about this, I’ve added The Magician, who to me is almost synomymous with the idea of intention, creation, or the power of manifestation. If  you need to have something happen, or have something turn out a certain way, it’s not a bad idea to call on your inner magician — and you do have one…

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