English: A DNA microarray. Français : Une puce...

English: A DNA microarray. Français : Une puce à ADN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Science Daily is a great source for learning about the latest research in just about any area. They have a good mental health section which I subscribe to.  This article is a bit old but still relevant. For those of us who have trouble with side effects from medications this could very well be a boon for us!

Gene Chip for Personalized Meds
Psychiatrists Can Now Predict An Individual Patient’s Response To A Drug

August 1, 2006 — The first in a new generation of gene microarrays, computer chips that chemically or electrically express DNA, can predict how a person’s body will metabolize about 25 percent of drugs on the market, including most antipsychotic medications. The chip tests for mutations in genes that break down drugs. Molecular biologists say that slow metabolizers may be susceptible to side effects, while fast metabolizers may not find a drug effective.  (Read more and watch a video here)