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Will you please sign a petition to ensure that Goodwill pays its workers at least the minimum wage?

Probably many of you are already aware of this story, but as it is hard for me to keep up with the news I just learned about this. I am posting this In case anybody else is unaware of this too. Apparently if someone hires disabled people then they are exempt from paying the minimum wage!  The problem is that there is a loophole that makes the pay based on productivity not hours worked. In other words some people are not as able to work as fast as others. You can read more about the law here

While in theory this might seem reasonable in fact it is a way of once again taking advantage of the disabled. A non-profit charity like Goodwill whose executives make mucho dinero can afford to pay its employees better. Some get less than a dollar an hour. Goodwill promotes themselves as being primarily a charity that helps the disabled but they don’t do this in practice. Should someone who is blind be penalized because they can’t work as fast as someone who is not blind? That is one of the situations that is described in the article below.

As someone who is disabled I am horrified that this can happen in this day and age, especially since I thought that the Americans With Disabilities Act would have protected people from this sort of abuse.

Here is an article on this situation:

Forbes: Does Goodwill Exploit Disabled Workers?

by Jonathan Perri

Deputy Campaign Director

Forbes covers the Autistic Self Advocacy Network‘s petition:

…Goodwill’s practices may be entirely legal, but I can only imagine how demeaning it would feel to earn $3.99 an hour. Especially an organization like Goodwill, where the mission, as one of its statement says, is “to eliminate barriers to opportunity and help people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work,” should take a hard look at its budget and come up with the funds to pay all of its 117,000 workers at least the minimum wage. That’s part of helping people live up to their potential.

Read the full story here:

The link to the petition is here