Pain (Photo credit: Michelle Brea)

One of my favorite websites is Tiny Buddha. Here is a reblog of one of their recent articles. This resonates with me because I often have trouble figuring out what feelings to pay attention to and what feelings I should not pay attention to because of my confusion between normal feelings and abnormal feelings due to my bipolar disorder. Yet I am finding more and more that there is often a kernal of truth in even my abnormal emotions. Rather than them not being valid at all, they are overblown reactions to a real problem that I need to deal with. So therefore it is important for me to pay attention to my feelings, even if I am not entirely sure whether I have a good reason for them. Pain is a warning sign that is meant to protect us, after all if we touch a hot stove it teaches us to not touch it again! The key is to work with our emotions, examine them and dissect them to separate the false feelings of bipolar from our healthy feelings. This can take time and it is good to ask the advice of people that you trust or even a therapist. Having said all this, I have certainly not perfected this, but I am learning.




Allowing Yourself to Feel Pain Instead of Hiding from It

By Lauren Cucinotta

I used to run from pain.

My father died suddenly when I was six. For years I stuffed it down, never letting anyone know my emotions, how I was feeling, and I ran from situations that could cause me to lose, to feel pain.

My heart would jump and feel fear every time I received a “bad” email from a boss, or bad news. I only wanted to feel good things. I stayed out of relationships for fear of the eventual loss and bad feelings, not realizing that I was missing out on all the beauty in between. Read more..


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