A good reason to journal and remind yourself of the wisdom you do not think you have…

Men + Myself + God

20131004-083002.jpgWhen I was 19 years old, I picked up a pen and wrote a letter to myself. It was an angry letter — filed with criticism, self-hatred and anger. When I was done I cried. I didn’t realize that my relationship with myself was in such bad shape.

I’ve kept a journal to myself ever since.

My journal is an incoherent mix of letters, lines, poems and prose. There are sentence fragments. I write in different voices often giving myself advice. I write sideways. I draw pictures. I make lists. I don’t stay inside the lines. I never edit and most often I don’t even reread what I’ve written. My journal is a place to be completely honest with myself.

It’s not for anyone except me.

Four years ago I decided to undertake a four day fast. During this time, I drank water and some juice made of celery and…

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