The best-selling author Deepak Chopra periodically offers nice freebies on his website The Chopra Center

Here is what is available now:

English: Deepak Chopra in November 2006, speak...

English: Deepak Chopra in November 2006, speaking at Yahoo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Perfect Health DVD

A brand-new Perfect Health DVD program guiding you in the timeless practices of mind-body balance, meditation, and yoga.  It consists of nearly three hours of beautiful, instructional content, including:
•Three meditations led by Deepak Chopra
•Guided visualizations
•Yoga to calm, soothe, and invigorate you each day
•Ayurvedic cooking instruction
•and even more!


English: Head shot of Judith Orloff, MD

English: Head shot of Judith Orloff, MD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Judith Orloff MD, psychiatrist and bestselling author, has tons of free videos talking about spirituality and mental health recovery. Here is the description from her website:

Welcome to “In Dr. Orloff’s Livingroom” series. Filmed in Dr. Judith Orloff’s home in Los Angeles she talks intimately about dreams, intuition, emotional freedom, and how to trust the power within. To complement this series, also watch inspiring videos from Dr. Orloff’s workshops in the archives below and on Dr. Orloff’s Intuition and Emotional Freedom Channel on Youtube


Gnostic Teachings is an eclectic spiritual site that offers free courses in practical spirituality and

La méditation (Danse Odissi, musée Guimet)

La méditation (Danse Odissi, musée Guimet) (Photo credit: dalbera)

psychology. Here is the description from their website:

All philosophies, sciences, arts, religions, and mystical traditions emerged from the same primordial root, thus these courses radiate the heart wisdom of the Greek Mysteries, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and more. Topics include Meditation, Kabbalah, Karma, Hebrew letters, the Runes, Tarot, Dream Yoga, Gnosis, Astrology, and much more.

I have not looked deeply into this site yet but it looks interesting!

Have a blessed day! 😉