Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by a contributor with bipolar disorder, type II. She is a photo enthusiast from the East Coast. She struggles with depression, as well as hypomania, agitation, and insomnia.

About this photo: “The merry-go-round is an icon for fun and childhood. In amusement parks, malls, and parks across the country, children and adults flock to them for the carefree joy they represent.

To me, however, they are hardly merry. They represent the cycles of the bipolar life. From the outside, the ride can look happy and fun, with brightly painted horses and seats, but in actuality it is a bunch of creepy chipped statues that keep going in circles, never moving forward. The same maddening song running over and over and over. 

Don’t get me wrong, it can can be fun at times. I love the rush, feeling my feet flying off the ground, the wind in my hair, 

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